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World of Lollies

Let us help you relive some of your favourite holidays with sweet treats from Australia & around the world. We can assist with local deliveries or you can even drop by the office for a sweet treat from our selection!

Some of our most popular items:

Australian - Rocky Road, Humbugs
New Zealand - Perky Nanas
UK - Walkers Toffee, Galaxy Minstrels
USA - Twinkies, Baby Ruth

Contact us to ask about our Christmas hampers, birthday and special occasion packs or to find out more about our weekly menu selection and weekly specials!

Here is a selection of our delicious specialty packs:
Our Specialty Packs
Choc, Bar & Lolly Assorted Iso Pack  From $30.00
All in Chocolate Pack
 From $30.00
Rocky Road Iso Pack  From $20.00
Kids Lucky Dips  $5.00
Kids Home Learning Care Package  $10.00
We store a range of bar lines and lollies from around the world. Here is a list of our most popular:
Our Bar Lines & Lollies 
Wonka Bars (Australia) $5.00
Cadbury Fish (Australia)
Walkers Toffee (UK) $2.70
Nestle Rolo (UK) $2.50
Yorkie Milk (UK) $2.30
Rowntree Fruit Pastille Rolls (UK) $2.50 
Mars Galaxy Bar (UK) $3.00 
 Twinkies (USA) $2.00
 Baby Ruth (USA) $2.90 
 Million Dollars Bars (USA) $4.50 
 Fruit Juice Candy Sour (Mexico) $0.50 
 Lovehearts (UK) $1.30 
 Polo Mints (UK) $2.50 
 Bassets Fruit Salad (UK)  $20 
 Swizzels Snap Crakle Bar (UK) $0.50 
 Choo Choo Bar (Australia) $1.00 
 Rocky Road - Various flavour (Australia) $7.50 

Price will vary depending on quantity, view the full menu here!


Let us know your future travel plans so that we can make sure you’re one of the first to know what’s on offer when the time comes.

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